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Banana Toy Play Drooly Tub Dolly

Kitty is sitting in the bathtub and she's waiting in a dreamy sort of state for instructions from her Master. "Hey Kitty" he says "I brought something for ya." He reaches around and grabs the back of Kitty's wet pigtails and starts teasing Kitty's mouth with her banana toy. Kitty dreamily and obediently starts to accept the toy, following her Master's instructions. She opens her mouth sticks her tongue out, sucks the banana and passively accepts the toy until her Master takes it away and uses his gloved fingers in her obedient little mouth. How many fingers can he stick in there? How deep? Her pretty pink tongue eagerly accepts his big gloved fingers as she breathes heavily. What a good little toy. As he finger-fucks her throat, she moans against him. Then he tells her to open her mouth for Master. What will you put in next? This clip is for you if you like: obedient little playthings, drool, mouth exploration, mouth fetish, drooling, obedience, submissive sluts, bathtub fetish, pigtails, bdsm, kink, finger fucking throat, Master/slave,


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