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Ashes to Ashes

Kitty kneels in a lush, velvet bodysuit. Her Master lights a clove. She closes her eyes and deeply inhales the scent of his smoke. "Ashtray." Her hands come up, and left over right, she waits to receive his sacred ashes. His clove reaches out to her soft, pink flesh and she holds steady as the first few ashes flick in. Smoke washes over her face as she breathes deeply. She feels the sharp sting of the ashes as they continue to fall onto her hands. Her pretty black lipstick glitters as she flirts with her Master. The crackling of the clove as her Master smokes it entices you both. Watching her take your ashes for you is ****. You wish you could smoke this clove forever, but you're running out of smoke. As your smoke break ends, Kitty is left with a pile of ashes in her hands. Her Master walks out of frame and she kneels up, licking and swallowing all of the bitter ashes for the first time ever. Kitty is your favorite ashtray. NOTE: Kitty's port is accessed and visible.


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