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Step Sister Caught Working at Stripclub

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You find out from a friend that your step sis has picked up a job at the local strip club. You've always thought she was super hot so you think of this an opportunity to get what you want from her. You go to the club and request a private dance with her, and when she comes into the room and realizes it's you she is shocked. She asks you what the hell you're doing there and how did you find out that she works there... you explain to her and you tell her you aren't leaving until you get the dance you paid for. She argues with you until she realizes she has no choice, because if she doesn't do what you want you will tell her parents. She agrees to a 1 song dance but that's all! As the dance is ending she tells you to leave and you refuse, and tell her if she makes you cum you will leave and you won't tell anyone that she's been stripping. She reluctantly agrees to giving you a BJ but a few minutes in you tell her you want more. Giving her no choice since you're now in on her dirty little secret, she rides you and lets you fuck her until you creampie her tight pussy right there in the VIP room.


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