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Circus Clown SPH Sissification and Coerced Bi

Follow up to my other circus clown SPH! You're a circus clown and you got caught by one of your female co performers jerking off in your dressing room a couple weeks ago. She is shocked when she sees you today because she thought for sure you would have been fired or quit from embarrassment since your dick was so pathetically small. Since you're still her she decides that she needs to teach you a lesson herself. She goes into her costume chest and grabs a tutu and a blonde wig and instructs you to put it on. You protest, but she is very persistent. She then lets you know that one of your other co performers is going to meet you guys there in a few minutes. You're really nervous about what she might have planned for you. She continues to berate you for your tiny dick and how annoying you are. Finally the other person shows up and you realize its one of your male co workers, and she tells you that you're going to suck his big manly dick until he cums as punishment for making her see you jerking off. She tells you not to even pretend like you aren't into it because she knows you love the thought of pleasing a real man with a REAL dick. Finally you reluctantly agree to do what she says mostly because you realize you don't have a choice. To your shock more of the circus performers show up and she says they are going to watch!! You are mortified but also a little into it... she tells you to close your eyes and prepare yourself for his big dick. When you open your eyes she has his dick in your face and she's really talking it up all while insulting how small yours is in comparison. She makes you suck it until he cums in your throat. The entire time just really letting you have it with some SPH. She lets you make yourself cum and then you finally swallow his load and everyone leaves you to wallow in your shame.


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