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Welcome to my APClips profile! Please look around, and check out all the sexy content I have to offer you. You can shop using a Cart, or buy tokens in advance for easy one-click purchases.
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Worship & Cum All Over Our Sweaty Feet video from
Worship & Cum All Over Our Sweaty Feet Roxy and Serenity are wives of two of my friends. You are both wearing running/gym wear (tight top, shorts, trainers and socks). I have just given you both a lift home as you were out running and got caught in bad weather. Your husbands/my friends are both at the gym. You both slip off your trainers and joke how you could use a good foot massage. You both ask if I wouldn’t mind massaging your feet. I oblige and before too long you notice that I seem to be very taken by your feet, despite how sweaty they are in your socks. Roxy whispers to Serenity that she thinks I have a thing for feet and suggests you both remove your socks as foot massages feel so much better on bare feet. After a short time, one of you slips a foot from my hands down to my trousers and feels my bulging excitement. Having discovered my secret, you both ask me to strip naked and worship your sexy, sweaty feet. You both are shocked how hard I am from simply massaging your feet, and shove your sweaty bare feet in my face, asking me to sniff, kiss and lick them clean. Roxy says how she always suspected that I was a foot perv, as you noticed me on group holidays stealing glances at your feet by the pool and wearing sexy heels on nights out. You both joke about what your husbands would say if they saw me worshipping your sexy feet. It turns you both on having a man worship and lick your sweaty feet and you both order me to jerk my cock as I clean them. Before too long, you order me to cum all over your sexy feet. You both slip away to have a shower, saying I should clean myself up before your hubbies get home.
Mom Blackmails Babysitter to Blow Hubby video from
Mom Blackmails Babysitter to Blow Hubby Roxy the mom invites Serenity the babysitter in and turns to face you her husband. Roxy explains that her husband is not happy with her performance. He told me he caught you on the nannycam, not paying attention to our son, not putting him to bed on time and always on your phone. This behaviour is not acceptable young lady and I have no choice, I'm going to have to fire you. The babysitter gets upset and is pleading not to fire her that she really needs this job. If you really want to keep your job, you'll have to prove to us you will follow instructions from now on, no questions asked. The babysitter agrees as she knows she need this job so bad. Now that you seem more willing to follow orders, the first thing you're going to do is strip for my husband and see if you can impress him. The babysitter protests, but Roxy gets her way and Serenity takes off her coat to reveal her sexy lingerie underneath. Roxy instructs her husband to jerk for the babysitter while she tease you in that hot lingerie, showing off her hot body. Roxy controls the pace of your jerking we don't wnat you cumming too quick now do we, bending Serenity over to spank her ass and telling her to take off her bra and show off those big tits. Roxy is in charge telling the babysitter how to be a good cock tease while telling you what pace to stroke and jerk off to her. Pulling off her panties and spreading her ass so you can see those tight holes. Wank it hard and faster for that juicy wet pussy. "My husbands cock is rock hard now, well that was a good start but now you're going to suck his dick, get on your knees", Roxy says. Both Roxy and Serenity are on their knees now. Roxy telling her to suck you off, she so good at this isn't she? What a treat you are giving my hubby, you want to cum in her mouth don;t you. Blow that load right into her mouth and Serenity takes all that cum right in her mouth and swallows. "Oh darling, that was quick, it's been a long time since you had such a young slut's mouth on your cock hasn't it? Let's get you hard again, I want a turn", Roxy says. Roxy kisses and makes out with Serenity the babysitter, to get you rock hard again and you are just dying to get that dick between us. Roxy licking the tip of that cock and teasing you more. You want to cum again don't you, but this time your going to give Roxy all of your cum and she takes your load in her mouth too. "Now it's time to get those perky titties around my husband's cock". Ah, they're implants, I knew it! Of course that's one of the reasons we first hired you, now get to work", Roxy yells. You slide your cock between Serenity's nice titties, fuck those big tits and make them bounce. My hubby't cock trapped between those big tits, I know you wnat to spunk all over them. You've got another big load for her tits don't you, go on fuck those titties good and spray your hot sticky jizz all over them. You can't last can you, yes that's it cum all over those tits. Such a mess, Roxy licks the cum off Serenity's tits and loves the taste. Roxy tells the babysitter she's going to suck him off once more and you better last longer this time or I won;t let you use her again. Serenity is sucking your cock again while Roxy pushes her head further down the shaft. I'm going to let her do all the work and drain your balls dry. Your dick is so sloppy, you love her on her knees and sliding that cock deeper down her throat. Your going to get milked dry again and she's going to swallow all of your cum. You are going to cum in her mouth again, fill her mouth with all of that cum so much of it that it drips down her chin. Good girl, we'll expect your performance to stay like this in future, Roxy says."
Young Sister Anal Submission & Facefuck video from
Young Sister Anal Submission & Facefuck Roxy's younger sister Kelly is getting all dolled up for her date with Roxy's boyfriend. During the intro of the video Kelly is applying some red lipstick wearing a slutty dress with a voice over of her thoughts and how much she's looking forward to seeing his big cock. But she's feeling a bit nervous and decides she wants to practice sucking on a toy as she really wants to impress him when he arrives. Kelly starts licking and sucking on a toy, getting lipstick stains all over it. Suddenly she hears the door opening and looks like he's came early. But it not him, it's Roxy her older sister who walks through the door in a tight sexy top and leather skirt and she grabs her by the hair saying how she knows all about her little slut sister scheme trying to steal her boyfriend behind her back. Roxy wants to teach her little slut sister a lesson, your going to be punished for being a conniving bitch because if you don't do as I say I'll tell Mom and Dad what exactly you've been to. You know your too young to be dating let alone attempting to come onto my boyfriend. Kelly asks her not to tell and Roxy decides it's time to make her sister into a proper slut. Look at you wearing this low cut dress, not even a bra on inside. Trying to show off your little tits were you, Roxy decides to name and shame her sister. Pulling her dress down and grabbing the red lipstick writing "SLUT" in capital letters over her tits and applying more on her lips to make her look like a proper bimbo with blowjob lips. Roxy has told her boyfriend to come round and he's going to use her younger sister Kelly while Roxy enjoys seeing her used and humiliated. Roxy sits her sister down and slaps her face and tits and continues to verbally degrade Kelly. Did you really think my boyfriend would leave me for you? Your going to be put in your place little sister and your just a dumb bitch actually thinking you could steal my boyfriend that I've been dating for years. Roxy pulls her knickers off and shoves them in her mouth and makes her spread those legs wide open, slapping her pussy. He's finally here and now your ready for him aren't you. You are going to get fucked like a dirty lil fucktoy just for my amusement. Kelly gets on her knees, panties still shoved in her mouth looking up at Roxy's boyfriend while Roxy kneels beside her and make her wrap her panties around his dick and makes her jerk his big cock off with both hands. Roxy is going to tell her little bitch sister exactly what to do. Roxy pushes her head down on his cock until her eyes tear up. So much red lipstick smudged all over her mouth and his cock. Good little cock slut take that cock deep and gag on it bitch. Roxy is really making her work hard for her boyfriends cock, slapping it off her face and messing up her face. He told me how bad you wanted him to fuck your pussy little sister, but you know what you don't get to have his cock in your pussy he only fucks my pussy. No instead he's going to take your virgin tight asshole and I'm going to watch and enjoy every second when he rams his dick in your ass and uses your little fuckhole. Roxy bends Kelly over and spreads her ass. She has purposely bent her over in from t of her makeup mirror so she can see her own face as she's getting fucked in the ass. A humiliating anal fuck for her slut sister. So desperate for my boyfriends dick in your pussy but you don't deserve it bitch. He's going to take your ass and while he's fucking you he's going to be thinking about me. Roxy labels her sister again writing "WHORE" across her ass, that's what you are our anal whore to use little sister and don't you fucking forget it! Roxy spread her ass while her boyfriend slides his dick inside her tight asshole. Kelly moaning while she's getting her hole stretched and she's begging him to stop because his cock is so beg. But Roxy tells him to fuck her more, keep going and stretch her hole and gape it. We see a close up of Kelly face as she struggles to take his big cock, moaning and looking like a good anal slut. You won;t ever cross your older sister again will you, you want his cum bitch? Beg for his cum in your ass if you want him to stop fucking your ass. Beg for it you little cumslut and she's begs louder as he pulls out and Roxy spread her ass open to see that big gape. He empties his balls deep in Kelly's ass and you can see that cum dripping out of her tight ass. A nice creampie deep in her little asshole. Go get yourself cleaned up you little slut and you'll never deceive your older sister again.
Homewrecker Humiliates Tiny Titted Wife video from
Homewrecker Humiliates Tiny Titted Wife It's your wedding anniversary and your wife Alexa has invited me Roxy, the hot next door neighbour over to your party to celebrate. But what's all the fuss about? You aren't happy in your marriage and I can see you eyeing me up, staring at my tits upon entry as your wife goes to greet some guests and she tells me to get comfortable. I decide to lead you astray and tempt you into breaking your wedding vows. That's right your going to cheat on your wife, because you can't resist my bigger better perfect tits. She's not as big as me is she? You can't help but stare at my big breasts! You cannot resist me and my huge rack and succumb to temptation and I get you to pull your dick out for me and getting you to start wanking, while I shove them close up in your face. Alexa walks back in shocked and shouts at you, what are doing? What's going on here? I tell her, isn't it obvious he's wanking for my bigger better tits. Why don't you watch how I easily tease your hubby and lets compare shall we? Lets see your a only a tiny titted D cup and I'm a big huge GG cup so there you go I am the bigger better woman and your just a small titted bitch who can't please your man. Alexa attampts to try and win you back by pulling our her little tits and I continue to laugh and humiliate her in front of you. She even tries to give you a titfuck, fighting for your attention. The entire time your just staring at my big tits wanting to get between them, I push her aside and tell her to watch a real woman give a proper tit job. She is getting angry and upset now and she knows she's losing you and your trapped between my big huge tits. She keeps trying to get your attention, she wants to try and keep you. She even attempts to crawl onto her knees and tries to give you a blowjob if you could call that giving head. You can't even go deep, no gag reflex a tiny titted bitch who can't even suck your dick. Let me show show you how it's done, I push her out of the way again and I suck your cock nice and deep, while she begs you to stay with her even after you've been cheating and jerking for me the whole time. Now your hubby wants to fuck me too. I humiliate her saying no wonder he wants to leave you. When is the last time you had sex? I bet she hasn't fucked you in years has she? She can't even answer that question and you just make excuses because you cant fucking please a man can you? You fuck me the hotter, better woman all round while she sits there and watches even spreading her legs rubbing herself trying to convince you to fuck her and not to end your marriage. She practically in tears watching you shove your dick deep inside me and she knows it's over. He's going to finish on my tits and once he blows his load, he's going to finish with you too. I squeeze my big tits together and tell you to jerk off and blow all over my big tits. Your wife is standing beside me, pleading you not to cum and to stay with her and love her. Just dump your useless wife and dump your big load all over my bigger, better tits. You can't hold it anymore and you jizz all over those big huge tits and she's so upset in tears, while my tits are covered in your cum. I'm licking all your cum off my tits and no cum for your little titted wife and she's so upset and your leaving your wife for me get a divorce and be with the hotter, better woman.
Edging JOI & Pussy Licking Makes You Cum video from
Misty's a Cum Covered Anal Creampie Slut video from
Misty's a Cum Covered Anal Creampie Slut Misty is your submissive fucktoy. She is so horny for your cock and cum and will do anything just to get her hands on your dick. But you want to see her just use her fingers to mimic your cock. Sucking on her fingers in a POV angle looking up at you, she is desperate for that cock and using her fingers to fuck her mouth and spitting all over her tits. She takes a big load in her mouth and play with the cum, spitting it out and rubbing it over her face and tits. She is so horny after tasting all your cum and constantly give you JOE (jerk off encouragement) throughout the video whilst degrading herself, labeling herself as your cum slut and will do anything to get more of your cock and cum. She praises your cock and worships your big dick, craving more of your cum after taking a big load on her face and in her mouth. She takes off her shorts and starts fingering her pussy, spreading her legs wide like a good slut begging for more of your cum. She takes load after load inside her cunt, multiple cum shots of cum to creampie her pussy and there's so much cum leaking out of that creamy pussy that she rubs it all over her body and plays with it. She begins to ride, bouncing up and down fingering her cunt again, begging you to spunk inside her dirty fuckhole and fill her more cum. She wants you to breed her, impregnate that pussy and fill her up with more of that tasty cum. Rubbing more of your jizz all over herself, like a good nasty cum covered slut. Misty is even willing to let you use her asshole, she plays with her ass, stretching and gaping it open and ass to mouth to taste her fingers covered in her ass juices. She takes more of your cum inside her ass, a big creampie and pushes that cum out of her asshole. Letting you blast one last time all over her body, and playing with the cum like a filthy cumslut savoring the taste of your delicious spunk. Multiple cumshots in the video, so many that I lost count!! Misty truly becomes a cum craving cumslut and still hungry for more.
Teachers Pet Schoolgirl Panty Fucked video from
Teachers Pet Schoolgirl Panty Fucked Roxy decides to stay behind after class to see if you needed any help, anything at all you need help with? She starts rubbing her panties underneath her short skirt asking you if there's anything at all you can think of. She continues to ask can she help you and is quite quite persistent especially when she notices you staring at her while she squeezes her big breasts together. Well we are all alone and nobody else is here and we may as well have some fun together, would you like that sir? You can't seem to take your eyes off me, I think you are eyeing up my sexy lingerie underneath my uniform do you like my lacey set sir? I can see that big bulge growing for me and it's getting me really horny now, why don;t you pull it out for me sir I want to see you stroke it and let me help get you off. Wank that big cock for me sir, while I strip out of my uniform and showing off that hot body in that sexy lingerie, your making me wet sir just watching you stroking for me. Sliding my hand inside my panties, yes sir wank it harder and faster. Getting that skirt off and now it's just your hot student in her sexy blue lace lingerie. Look at how big that cock is, let me play with that cock sir. Slide it between my big tits, making them bounce up and down. I love feeling that big hard dick right between my huge titties. I want to suck that cock now, it's so big and hard for me. On my knees stroking and sucking your dick looking up at you with those sexy blue eyes in POV angle. Jerk it right into my dirty mouth sir, taking it deeper down my throat and gagging on that cock. I lay back and get my panties off and wrap them around your cock, tight around your big balls and I want to feel that big cock slide deep inside my wet cunt. Fingering my juicy wet pussy and you shove it deep in my wet pussy, stretching me out making me moan in pleasure. Fucking me hard in multiple positions, on my back legs spread wide open taking that dick deep in my wet cunt. On top of you riding your dick hard while you watch my big tits bounce and finally fucking me bent over doggy style taking that big cock hard in fast inside my tight pussy, begging for your cum while you fuck me good. Please give me all of that cum sir, on my knees again wanking you off hard and fast till you blow all over my big tits! Spraying that spunk all over my titties dripping down between them and I get my panties and wipe the last drips of cum from your cock and get them covered in your jizz and then stuff stuff them in my mouth so I can taste it.

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Welcome to my APClips profile! Please look around, and check out all the sexy content I have to offer you. You can shop using a Cart, or buy tokens in advance for easy one-click purchases.
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