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Andi Ray

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Hey guys and gals!My name is Andi and I just your "friendly neighborhood-curvy-pansexual-kinky-stoner-cumslut."I love creating content for you all. ❤ Check out my links to learn more!!

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SCOTTY P REUNION ROUGH FUCK FT BIG TIT REDHEAD ANDI RAY Big natural tits Andi Ray and Scotty P hadn't fucked in over a YEAR and it was about damn time for a reunion fuck!!! This video is exra special because there are THREE camera angles that are flawlessly switched to and from, so this edit definitely wasn't easy but I'm really happy with the results. The video starts with Andi on all fours, sucking Scotty's dick. The camera even goes below the sucking so you get to see Scotty's balls and Andi's mouth up close on his dick. Scotty lays down so you get to see Andi's red hair and pigtails bounce as she sucks his big black cock POV style. Then it's time for Andi to lay her head over the edge of the bed as Scotty P facefucks Andi until she gags on his big dick. She even licks his ass as she pumps his dick -- soooo hot to watch her eyes bulge! Then it's time for some doggystyle fucking where you get to see the two get it on!! Then Scotty lays down and Andi lovingly sucks his big dick to taste her juices off of him. Then she starts to ride!!! The camera goes back and forth between showing penetration of Andi riding on top, and the front side of her huge tits flopping Then there's a little more throat-fucking and it's back to a bit more riding before Andi faces the camera to get some more deep-dick doggystyle. You can the CLASSIC eyes rolling back in her head as she cums all over Scotty P's huge dick. Andi cums over and over as you see her hips and thighs bounce and shake with every thrust. The video ends with Andi sitting and waiting for Scotty to cum all over her beautiful face. She smiles as the cum tickles her face. Tags: Scotty P, facial, doggystyle, rimming, ass-eating, POV blowjob, blowjob, gagging, big dick, huge dick, pornstar
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IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG FT. DAN FERRARI **special thanks to Suzanne Ferrari for the videograhy work in this super sexy clip! She caught ALL the angles** In one of Andi Ray's newest clips, watch as Andi gets her brains fucked out by pornstar Dan Ferrari (formerly known as Indiana Bones). The video starts with Dan getting home from a week-long business trip, and big titty pawg Andi Ray bought a whole new lingerie bra & thong set to show off for him! She bounces up and down on the bed as Dan comes in, and he kisses all over her breasts. Then get awesome POV angles as big titty redhead Andi Ray sucks all over Dan Ferrari's cock, and she begins to tear up with every gag! You get to see Andi's huge ass bounce as she gags and sucks all over Dan's cock. Then watch as it's rimjob time! Andi Ray loves eating ass so this clip is perfect for those who like rimjob clips! Thick curvy pawg Andi licks and sucks all over Dan's ass as she jerks his cock at the same time -- her new speciality! Then watch as the two fuck in multiple positions including doggystyle, missionary, and Andi riding! You get to see her huge naturals flop and bounce back and forth and up and down as she cums al over Dan's cock. The video ends with some dirty talking and Dan cumming all over Andi's pretty face. Such a beautiful moment and clip. Yum!! Tags: Andi Ray, officialandiray, Dan Ferrari, Indiana Bones, Suzanne Ferrari, ass-eating, rimjob, rimming, eating ass, blowjob, pov blowjob, thick, curvy, pawg, big tits, big ass, all natural, red hair, redhair, glasses, doggystyle, titty flopping, missionary fucking, cowgirl, facial, cumshot
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4th OF JULY FUCK FT SCOTTY P AKA MY POSTMATE In this video, you get to see Andi Ray fuck her big dick postmate delivery driver! The video starts with the driver complaining about working on 4th of July, but that doesn't stop him from making one last delivery. Little does he know, big titty redhead Andi Ray wants Scotty P for lunch instead!!! The video starts with Andi hanging her head off her bed, as huge dick pornstar Scotty P face fucks her until she gags all over his dick. Scotty then fucks thick curvy Andi doggystyle until Andi cums all over his dick (and YES you get to see her infamous eyes rolling back into her head)! They turn the camera so you can see Andi's tight pussy as Scotty P's big dick fucks her tight hole. Whether you like pussy shots or male ass shots -- you get both!!! Andi then rides Scotty P's dick and her thick curves are bouncing all over him -- she even smothers his face with her big tits. She starts to suck him off again to taste her juices but of course Scotty P can't help but face fuck her again until she gags! Then it's back to riding dick until she cums all over him. The video ends showing the shot of the facial, but unfortunately the actual cumshot was lost with a broken phone :( But you get to see Andi's cute face covered in cum at the end, so that's a plus for those who like after shots :) Tags: Andi Ray, Scotty P, officialandiray, mrthroatmonster, big dick, thick dick, huge dick, interracial, interracial facial, pornstar, thick, curvy, milf, redhead, big tits, big ass, voluptuous, all natural, 4th of July, Independence Day, Holiday porn, roleplay, postmate, delivery guy, 4K
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FUCKIN HUBBY ROME MAJOR N' STEPSON LIL D In Andi Ray's first official BBG threesome -- ft. Rome Major and Lil D aka ruthlesskid. Sharing is caring is the theme of this fuckfest! Watch as curvy, big titty milf Andi Ray gets so horny that she has to take out her hitachi while her stepson naps in the background! She calls her husband Rome Major to see when he is getting home from work, but he says he is working overtime and will be late! Andi decides what any good stepmother would do -- shove her huge 32DDD all natural titties in her stepson's face to wake up him, suck him off, then fuck his huge cock! This boy/girl becomes a threesome quickly when husband Rome Major comes home and finds Andi Ray fucking his son, Lil D! But Rome knows how to make the best out of any situation and takes control by joining in on the family fun. Watch as big titty milf Andi Ray gets spitroasted by the guys -- barely legal 19 yr old Lil D' and her mature husband, Rome Major! aka Daddy Major Andi blows ruthlesskid's mind by grabbing his balls and at the same time and sucking them, all while cumming all over Rome's big dick! The video ends with two sequential cumshots -- Rome cover's Andi's beautiful pale face and Lil D aka "Major D" pulls out and cums all over his stepmother's perfectly trimmed, chubby pussy. This is a video that you DON'T want to miss. Tags: all natural, big tits, big ass, curvy, all natural, pale, interracial, stepson, stepmother, husband, threesome, first spitroast, two big cocks, cut cock, cumshot, cum on pussy, cum on face, facial, Rome Major, ruthlesskid, Lil D
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3-IN-1 BLOWJOB bundle by Andi Ray

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ALL SEVYAN HARDEN bundle by Andi Ray

Four of my first videos with bbc pornstar Sevyan Harden


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About Me

Joined Jun.03, 2018

Hey guys and gals!My name is Andi and I just your "friendly neighborhood-curvy-pansexual-kinky-stoner-cumslut."I love creating content for you all. ❤ Check out my links to learn more!!

Age 31
Height 5'6"
Weight 150 lbs
Bra Size 32DDD
Body Type Curvy
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Red

My Stats

Videos 53
Views 7,141
Loves 3
Faved 47

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