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Cheating on Hubby

My Husband has his work friend over at the house discussing business and I walk in and I can't help but notice how striking he looks, My pussy starts to tremble. I never slept with a man this big before and I have such a strong urge. Luckily my husband has to run to the store to get some office supplies and I start to move in closer to his friend and I'm a bit nervous and I tell this him my desires, and as I'm telling him I just get more horny and I start touching his leg and our clothes rip off so fast because I know my husband will be back any moment! His cock is stuffing my throat, I'm in heaven!! Yes this is what all my friends talk about! OMG, He takes me over and fucks me in so many different ways, ugh my pussy has never been so creamy before and he even cums all over my face! My husband comes back and we rush to get dressed, we can hear him come in! I wipe off my facial with a rag and greet hubby with a kiss. Hehe (Keywords deep throat, creamy, milf, hot wife, Asian, interracial, big dicks, first time, risky, cheating, cuck, facial)

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