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Submissive Anal Fuckwhore

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photo of Miss EllieMiss Ellie

43:40 | Added 2 years ago

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Master, you've been gone for a while, but look - I've been stretching out my fuckholes for you and keeping them nice and loose, open and ready to take your cock! Won't you please use my fuckholes master? I'll do literally anything, anytime, anywhere, for you. Just watch me as I show you and describe anything and everything that I will do for you. It doesn't matter how nasty, sir. I'll suck the cum right through your dick hole, slurp on your swimming sperm in my mouth, look at you as you pump your piss into my stomach. Your pleasure is all that matters to me and my only worth in the whole world. Won't you please, sir... please, use my wide open fuckholes?


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