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Gape Slave Pleases Master

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photo of Miss EllieMiss Ellie

31:12 | Added 4 years ago

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The submissive, eager to please slut is back and ready for your 5th cum of the day. Starting with the cunt fuck-hole, I open up nice and wide to invite you, sir, into my gaping pussy. Then, master please fuck my mouth and throat, I can use a ring gag to help keep that mouth open too, I just love pleasing you. Then the most important fuck hole of all, sir, get's stretched and opened with gapes held wide ,so inviting for your dick. Look deep inside your submissive gape slave's holes to where you can drain your man seed. As with any other anal video produced by me, there are lovely delicious and juicy farts, big gapes, some prolapse and good lighting ;)


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