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Soul Deep pre-discussion and decompression

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photo of MesmeroticMesmerotic

12:36 | Added 9 months ago

Ashley and Trix have plans to do something cruel and unusual using hypnosis. Here they discuss the parameters and get really horny about it, and afterward a very fractionated Trix and a buzzing Ash talk through some of how it felt to rip out a soul.

Topping: Ashley Lowe
Bottoming: Imaginatrix

Find more of Ashley at: http://linktr.ee/ashleyloweuk

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Mesmerotic is a small hypnosmut production company run by Imaginatrix and Sinister.
We are available for sessions, customs and tuition.
Imaginatrix: http://linktr.ee/hypnohedonista
Sinister: http://SinisterDenial.com


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