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I've called a meeting with just the two of us in the workplace while everyone is out to lunch. You think it's strange, considering we barely know each other. Well, I suppose I know about YOU. I'm well aware of the muscles you dress to hide in the office. That butt especially is cute, flexing in your work pants like that. Don't even get me started on your big, thick cock swinging in your slacks. I can't keep my eyes off it. I also know you jerk it to superheroine porn. I saw you the other night. You love their perfect bodies and super strength. Relax. I'll explain! I just so happen to have x-ray vision and the power of flight. I just had to use my superpowers to perv on you! Now that I know I'm your type, why don't you show me that big cock of yours and how it cums for a super babe with super tits and a super ass!


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