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This is somewhat a sequel to "TOO SHORT AND SCRAWNY AFTER ALL". You bump into Ellie months after your first date at the gym and decide to catch up. She's working out a little due to a new year's resolution, though not even that serious. Meanwhile, you've been slaving away, chugging protein powders, and not making ANY gains. In fact, she claims you're disgustingly skinny and may have even shrunk a bit. Ellie's been lazy, barely going to the gym, only doing chores around the house, and has made more gains than you have. She demands you remove your shirt so she can have a better look but is grossed out by what she sees. She humiliates your puny body as she flexes her biceps and shows off her strong and broad shoulders comparing them to your weak and narrow ones. You're left alone feeling absolutely humiliated...


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