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Ruined By My Uncle

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I've been on vacation with my Uncle. Right before we're about to fuck, my mom gives me a call. In a rush I put my clothes back on, but you're too horny to care. While I talk to my mom about our vacation, you take your dick out and cum all over my face for her to see. I pretend nothing happened, but you put your cock to my mouth and have me suck you off. After cumming all over my face and tits, I admit to my mom that me and my Uncle have been fucking. I can't help it though. I love his big cock, and I just can't have enough. I won't be satisfied until I'm totally drenched in your cum! *This video was originally a 3rd part of a custom series (Uncle Terry 1 & 2) which is why some dialogue has no build-up. It's still super hot, and by the end I'm totally drenched in cum! The price has been set low to accommodate this :)*


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