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Birthday Bitch Cake Crush

photo of CattieCattie

17:13 | Added 3 years ago

Cattie's made a little birthday cake for you! But after blowing out the candles, she drops it! OH NO!! She feels so bad... wait... no she doesn't. Haha! She knew you wouldn't mind eating the cake off the floor. You're so filthy... But here, let's still plate it for you... in the dog bowl. Much more suitable for my foot obsessed bitch. She's going to turn your cake back into cake batter and see how much you like it then. (The video has low lighting due to being filmed in a kitchen, so price has been lowered.) This video includes: femdom, foot fetish, talk of stinky/smelly/dirty feet, refers to viewer as her bitch/implicating you as a her dog, close ups and full views (mainly foot focused), cake crushing, and simulated foot cleaning by you.


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