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Slippery Oil ASMR Play

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A luxe treat for the senses, your skin will tingle watching this video. With lights low, mirrors everywhere, and colorful twinkling lights to sparkle my bare skin, I drench my body in oil. It melts on my skin, making obscenely wet noises as it drips. I add even more oil and vigorously rub it in until it splashes.

The wet noises are loud and splatter. I even twerk to make my ass cheeks clap the dripping oil. When it melts off my hands, I stuff my entire hand into the oil and hold it next to the microphone. You can hear every slippery noise loud and clear.

The wetter things get, the more your skin will prickle and you'll feel aroused, stimulated, and relaxed at the same time. Just when you're about to blow, I finger fuck my mouth with even more oil, getting my lipstick plumped lips right next to the microphone. My lipstick smears, but I grab my new custom made glow in the dark dildo and fuck my face harder, smearing it even more.

Every drip of spit, all the tiny splashes, are right next to the microphone to tantalize and tease your senses. You can hear what it would feel like to touch my skin, to taste my body. Watch with headphones that fully cover your ears for the best effect with the lights dimmed low before bed.


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