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Hi! I'm Bailee, welcome to my AmateurPorn page! I sincerely appreciate any and all support ♥ Twitter: @BaileeBlunt_ Find all my links here: linktr.ee/baileeblunt

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GFE Tight Jeans JOI / Riding / POV video from
GFE Tight Jeans JOI / Riding / POV SCENARIO | You love having me encourage you to jerk off while I tease you with my body, which you’ve asked me to do right now. I’m happy to oblige, I’ve been horny all day, and even put on an outfit of mine that I know makes you tick, a white tank top and tight jeans, barefoot. I start telling you how I want you to touch yourself and you notice my nipples get hard underneath my shirt, which I take off in front of you while continuing my dirty talk. We end up getting a little carried away, perhaps my fault for wanting to suck your cock so badly- but you let me, briefly, before watching me finger myself on all fours. My jeans are pulled down so my ass pokes out from the top, panties to the side so my pussy peaks out, too. I can’t handle the teasing any longer and I beg you to fuck me. I talk dirty a bit more while you take me on my hands and knees, wiggling and gliding my cunt up and down your shaft. I cum hard and want just one more while laying on my back, so you can see my soft soles and toes curl and my legs quiver as I climax again. I ask for you to cum in my mouth and get on my knees, wrapping my lips around you and keeping my eye contact as I happily lick and swallow. SPECS | Solo, unscripted simulation video. Shot in all natural light so some light changes/ **** flickering occurs. The first ten minutes is JOI/JOE with tons of dirty dialogue, including stripping, a brief blowjob and fingering myself from behind with two fingers. From approximately 10:00-18:00, I fuck/ride an 8 inch dildo alternating between a full body [excluding feet] shot and an over-head [your POV] shot, with my first cum as a full body shot showing my facial expressions. 18:00-22:20 I lay on my back and side, topless and barefoot but with my jeans and panties still pulled down, fucking myself with the dildo until I cum for the second time. 22:20-23:40 I’m on my knees, looking up at you while stroking and sucking your dick, telling you how much I want you to cum for me while simulating swallowing/opening wide for you to cum on my face. Please note- There is no actual cum-shot/swallowing of cum/facial. This video is a solo simulation of that experience, so I ‘act out’ what would happen in this circumstance with a non-ejaculating dildo
GFE JOI Cum With Me / Countdown video from
GFE JOI Cum With Me / Countdown You’ve been away from your girlfriend for a week and she’s been eager to see you via webcam. When you connect, she tells you how much she misses and loves you - how she’s been feeling ‘pent up’ without you there. She timidly asks you if you want to fool around, and begins teasing you by showing off her body in the tight jeans and bodysuit she wore to class. She asks you to pull down your pants so she can see your cock and asks you to start stroking yourself for her. She gives you jerk off instructions throughout your call, telling you she wants to edge you slowly towards cumming together. Continuing to encourage you, she strips off her clothes and lays back on the couch to give you a full view of her naked body. She rubs her clit and fingers her pussy, spreading it gently at times, while telling you all the dirty thoughts running through her mind. She asks you to continue touching yourself while she repositions, bending over the couch so you can see her back and ass while she rides her fingers for a few moments, continuing her dirty talk, before laying back down to give you both a countdown from ten to simultaneous completion. /// SPECS: 0:00-1:00 Watch your GF get ready for your date; 1:00-2:50 Catching up, dirty talk starts; 2:50-13:07 JOI, dirty talking, strip teasing, bending over, ass and panty tease, bare feet / soles and ass with tight jeans, 13:07-20:30 Laying back fully nude, fingering, clit rubbing, self tasting, moaning, dirty talking, JOI, trimmed bush, bare feet, ass, asshole, nipple play, nipple pinching; 20:30-22:20 Bending over the couch, riding fingers, pillow humping, ass, bare feet, soles; 22:20-26:30 JOI, laying back fully nude, dirty talking, moaning, fingering and clit play, cum countdown from ten, simultaneous orgasms, shaky voice, satisfaction and smiles /// ADDITIONAL TAGS: all natural, amateur, ass, ass fetish, ass grinding, ass shaking, ass smacking, ass spreading, asshole, barefoot, belly, booty shaking, butts, cock tease, cum, dirty talk, dirty talking, eye contact, edging, face fetish, fair skin, freckles, feet, finger fucking, fingering, GFE, girlfriend experience, girl next door, grinding, "i missed you, i love you", long distance / reuniting, moaning fetish, nudity / naked, orgasms, panty fetish, panties, pussy play, pussy spreading, pussy teasing, redhead, redheads, riding, role-play, shaved, small bush, trimmed bush, triangle bush, short bush, small natural tits, solo female, spanking, strip tease, striptease, t-shirts and panties, tight jeans, topless, webcam, virtual sex
Please Cum Inside Me? GFE First Creampie video from
Please Cum Inside Me? GFE First Creampie Your girlfriend has been away for a while and is excited to finally be spending time in bed with you. She’s been thinking about you non-stop and fantasizing about trying something new the first time you hook back up. She gives you a blowjob, teases you, strips off her plaid shirt and tells you she wants you to cum inside her. She shows off her trimmed bush and teases you with her ass in a pair of cute black lace panties before noticing how wet she is. Once she takes off her panties, she shows you how wet she’s made them and asks if you’d like to taste them. She puts them in your mouth gently before positioning herself to go down on you again while you taste her, but you just can’t help yourself - you want the real thing. You ask for her to ride your face and she shyly [but very happily] obliges. After a few moments of grinding on your mouth, she begs for your cock and starts riding you reverse cowgirl, giving you a great view of her ass bouncing up and down while her pussy forms the perfect seal around your shaft. She tells you how much she’s missed you, spanks her ass a couple times while riding you and eventually cums hard. She eagerly hops off and starts licking her cum off of your cock, saying how much she loves her taste on you before sliding you back inside of her - this time with her facing you so you can see her tits bouncing as she rides and how she plays with her clit to cum again. After riding you for another couple moments after she cums, she tells you she wants you to fill her up. She asks you to please cum inside of her while she wiggles her hips around and up and down your cock, making sure to get every last drop of your cum deep inside of her pussy. As you pull out she immediately starts dripping with your hot cum [catch that little cum-bubble?] and continues to dirty talk to you while she enjoys the feeling of your huge load drip from her sensitive pink pussy again and again. /// SPECS: 0:00-7:00 Blowjob; 7:00-11:00 Panties, ass, trimmed bush teasing; 11:00-13:00 Riding your face; 13:00-17:30 Riding reverse cowgirl; 17:30-18:30 Blowjob; 18:30-24:30 Riding cowgirl*; 24:30-30:30 Creampie - includes a few different positions to watch all the cum drip from my pussy 30:30-31:08 Mushy girlfriend stuff and feelings /// [*incl. a brief bit with my knees up that didn’t end up working mechanically with this toy this time - something I want to nail in the future, but I still wanted to include the footage I managed to get and hope it doesn’t mess with the flow for you!] ♥
Cumming Like Crazy / Mild Dirty Talk II video from
Cumming Like Crazy / Mild Dirty Talk II *Full Preview Here: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/931043/Cumming-Like-Crazy-Mild-Dirty-Talk-II/

A second video where I cum myself silly using my new toy - a hitachi! Find my other "Cumming Like Crazy" video using a womanizer here: https://www.amateurporn.com/baileeblunt/cumming-like-crazy-mild-dirty-talk-i

I tease you in an all-black outfit that includes a choker necklace, crop top, crotchless / backless panties and sheer thigh high pantyhose. I spread my pussy and start gently playing with myself within the first minute of the video, spending another moment riding and bouncing on top of two of my fingers before stripping off my shirt straps to show you my bare shoulders and tits. I turn around so you can see how cute my panties are, giving you a great view of my pretty pussy and asshole. Next, catch a glimpse of magic as my shirt disappears off my back! [Not actually - keep an eye out for my MV Crush membership to launch to see a funny wardrobe malfunction clip I cut out and much more ~ coming soon!] I shake, spank and spread my ass a bit before going face-down-ass-up to finger fuck myself for a couple minutes. I sit up to lick and suck my wet fingers, rub my clit again for a second then move on to my hitachi. Feeling super frisky, I get close to the edge too fast and pull back to position the hitachi over the inside of my thighs and up to my nipples before I reach my first orgasm. I spread my pussy a couple of times after I cum and pull the top of my panties down for a second to reveal my hairy bush hiding underneath. Turning around again, I put the hitachi directly underneath me, grinding and humping the vibrating head, at times going hands free [watch my butt twitch and twerk with the vibrations!] I lean forward into a 'doggy position' and cum again hard, leaving me super sensitive, sweaty and out of breath. Going face-down-ass-up one more time, I use my hitachi on the highest level which essentially blasts me in to outer space. I writhe and wiggle around while keeping the hitachi on my clit until I cum once more and can't take it anymore. In a state of complete satisfaction, exhaustion and fucked up hair, I spread my pussy a little bit more to show you how wet and sensitive I've ended up. Lots of eye contact and mild dirty talk throughout.

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About Me

Joined Sep.06, 2017

Hi! I'm Bailee, welcome to my AmateurPorn page! I sincerely appreciate any and all support ♥ Twitter: @BaileeBlunt_ Find all my links here: linktr.ee/baileeblunt

Age 26
Height 5'6"
Weight 120 lbs
Bra Size 34B
Body Type Slender
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Auburn

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